Women's Hike February 4th, 2017

Our Women's Hike to Griffith Park was a success! 20 women came together and we had a blast while signing up new members for the new year. Some newbies came from our social media, marketing & outreach efforts and we also had a couple join from Girls Who Hike LA. We love meeting new people and having them join in on the fun! Giving back and donating your time with others who are passionate to do the same is really fulfilling. See some of the pics from our hike below. Be sure to stay updated by following us on our Sisterhood LA Facebook page and also our Instagram.

We have many other events over the past couple years, see our instagram page for more photos!

Nochella mentoring event with The Dream Catcher Foundation Saturday, April 15th, 2017

This was a fun day of mentoring and jewelry making with young adult foster girls. They were a little shy at first but we got them to open up. We made fun chokers, necklaces, bracelets and headbands while enjoying snacks and delicious lemonade sponsors by Huberts lemonade. This was such a blast that we're looking forward to our next event.